Sunday, 17 September 2017

Internet plagiarism

There’s nothing more infuriating than someone taking credit for your work. We want to believe that our work speaks for itself. But “in the real world, it matters who gets credit. Not all theirs lurk and dark alleys and parks. Some sit with their faces lit by the glow of their technology copying, pasting, and printing.

It may just seem like just another helpful source of information, but the internet has taken the theft of intellectual property to a new level. Part of the problem is most students don't really know the definition of plagiarism or it's consequences. Many people now have turned to plagiarism as the internet rapidly changes plagiarism has become easier and whenever you make something easier more people will do it. Imagine a full written story in front of you, do you feel the urge to use that story on an upcoming test, it's the easy way out isn't it?

But the internet is not just some kind of information smorgasbord you can turn to, it's actually some body's work and needs to be credited! How would you feel if your writing was put up on the internet and free for everyone to use. A student who has formally plagiarized commented “I regret doing what I did because now I have a record showing a suspension. I wish I had never looked at her essay at all. I lost a great friend and no one deserves what I put her through. I should have used my own words, whether they were good or not, because no one can be perfect”.

But still one thing is clear, the internet will change and those changes will affect plagiarism, for better or for worse!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Design, production, education (DPE)

In DPE I am in woodwork and the school has provided us with all the materials you need to make a speaker! I used tabs for my speaker and the tabs connect up and make a box, its just like doing a jigsaw puzzle. Each year 7&8 kid gets a powerbank and the cord with the powerbank, two speakers, and a passive radiator. We each get 15weeks to complete our designs. For the back of my speaker I use a photo shop app called GIMP that you can get on your computers and is free. I have put a edited flower onto mine. Also by singularly using gimp I created a wall art hanging which was by editing a cow picture and it got laser cut onto a peice of 6ml wood. Myself and my teacher (Mr Tai) are working together on our speakers as we have the same design and concept!

Here is the picture down below: