Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Anzac day

Today the 25th of April is Anzac day, Anzac stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps. Today on the 25th of april is when we  commemorate the men and woman that went to war and fought for out country and the men and woman that survived. When we went to a dawn service I really felt like what it was in war, it must have been horrible for the families of the many people that past away and it is very sad of what happened to all of them. There were to world wars, World war 1 and World war 2. We commemorate this day the 25th of april every year and we commemorate it all around the country of New Zealand it is one of our biggest commemorations we do. If you would like to check out some more imformation about ANZAC day check out wikipedia by clicking on this link here:https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anzac_Day or if you would like to see it in other people perspective check out my sister (Madalines) blog here:http://madalineauroa.blogspot.co.nz/ or if you already know imformation about this day or want to ask any questions comment below!!

Sunday, 24 April 2016

My new blog

Come check it out, my new blog that I have created this year for the Moa Awards/ Moa Kluster. We had to create a whole new intire blog to be entered in the blog catagore this year and we had to choose one main subject thatnwe would like to know more about and I choose Farming. I choose farming cause it interests me and I would like to know more about it!!! Throughout my new blog I will be finding bugs and researching about them also I will be blogging about it and if you know anything about farming just let me know in the comments below (anything at all) Check out my new page by clicking on this link here-http://jorjafarminglife.blogspot.co.nz/ and let our adventure begin.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Our trip to Lake Rotakare

On Wednesday the 13th of April 12 people from Auroa Primary School including six children from our class room2 and six children from room1.

We were heading to Lake Rotakare for a school trip. We left school at 9:10am and we arrived there at 10:00am and headed to the learning classroom to have a meet and greet, we had this great chance to have this opportunity because of one of our old teachers at our school Mrs Darbeshyre is taking six months of school to go training for being a scientist and she gets to do cool stuff like finding insects and bugs and discovering new unknown species.

We were lucky enough that she was willing to take us for a trip this time. All the children that were coming including myself had to wear warm protective clothes so we were protected in the bush we also had to bring a water bottle, a head torch, lunch, rain jacket and old bag to carry all our gear in.
First when we got up to the teaching area she appointed out all the groups giving them a clipboard and our tracking tunnel cards that we had to lay out all across the section.

To accomplish putting out the tracking tunnels
we had to climb up steep hills and cross rivers
and streams. All the tracking tunnels were numbered and for every odd number we had to put rabbit meat and peanut butter as bate and for every even number we just had to put peanut butter as bate, after we had finished all our tacking tunnels we headed back to the learning centre to have lunch.

Once we had lunch we went out into the bush and tried to find a Peripatus, the Peripatus is a   velvet worm that had many legs and looks like a
 caterpillar, we split up into two even groups and we had a four by four metres to search in for the

Peripatus which is sixteen square metres we had about thirty minutes to search as we were getting later in the day. Someone screamed from the other group and I went to look what it was, it was a Peripatus since we had found one they got a box to put it in then we went back to the learning centre and we packed our bags before departing. I had a great day and enjoyed the experience.

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Year 5/6 rugby league tournament

On the Tuesday the 5th of April we travelled to Opunake for the year 5 and 6 rugby league tournament which was able for boys of girls.

Our Auroa Primary School team was Jorja (myself) ,Cruz, Harry, Te rou, Regan, Cobe, Jorden, Jonte, Peter, Mcullem, Quade, Kaiden, Teague, and Kameron and of course our coaches Noho and Jason. Our team was great!!! There were 4 teams competing including St Joseph, Kaponga, Opunake and us Auroa. Our first game was against St Joseph and ten minutes before the game we were practicing passing and kicking. Our game had begun.

Eeehhhh the whistle blew we were off to a great start and whithin 2minutes Regan one of my team mates had scored and then a couple more minutes later he had scored again. He was playing very well. It was halve time and I went off and Kameron came on. We were winning by 4 tries at halve time but then St Josephs caught up and sadly by the end of the game we lost by one trie and St Josephs took the win.

We then in our second game played against Opunake and I made some good and we were very fochunate to take the win. After that we had a twenty minute brake and kindly Kaidens mum offered all our Auroa Primary School team hot chips and of course we didn't say no. By the time the chips were made we had five minutes to go so Quade said "eat them fast" but then I replied DON'T because you will get stitch.

Lastly we played Kaponga and they had year 7 and 8's in there team so they were automaticly disqulified from all there games they were still able to play but they were not allowed to win cause it was a year five and six competiton. But we still played them and done very and only lost to them by one trie. But we automatically won. We then had prizegiving last.

The captain of the winning team St Josephs came up and then said a few words after that they had two special awards for the fearest players of all today, the first one went to Taine from the St Josephs team and then the man anouncing said " and the second one goes to someone from Auroa, Jorja symes" I jumped up and got my prize it was a rugby league cap and ball. I think Auroa done very well on the day coming second and we played very well. Have you ever played league or been watching comment below and let me know!!