Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Going eeling

Two days ago the 24th of Janurary my mum (Vicki) , dad (Leslie) and my sister (Madaline) and I (Jorja) went eeling down the back of the farm. Madaline my sister and I biked down to the back of the farm and dad and mum rode on the motorbike. We had to first get the hooks and the sinker attached to the string first so we tied it on and double notted it, then we got some meat we used our left over chicken and we then attached the chicken on the hook and threw it in at first we could see no eels but then we saw one in the shallow water where we were eeling then we could see two then tree we saw three eels but unforchanetly we could not catch any because dad and I reckend that the chicken was to soft so it was just falling off the hook. The eels were very friendly as they were so close to coming up on the surface, the eels were not that big so when we found out the chicken was bad to use and we wouldnt be able to catch any eels we chucked the rest of the chicken in and we fed the eels but on friday the 29th of Janurary we are going to come back and try catch them hopefully the chicken we used fattened them up so next time we come back we will come back with some better meat and maybe that might be better and we might have a better chance to catch a big eel. Have you ever gone eeling before? What do you suggest is the best meat to use? Have you ever caught an eel before? Let me know in the comments below!!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Pulling down the tree

On Monday the 18th of Janurary 2016, my grandad came out to our house to help on the farm with dad, grandad was cutting up firewood for us ready for the winter.

My grandad comes out every week at least once to help on the farm as he loves farming and the farm we live on at the moment my grandad and nana use to live on the farm and in our house. When we were cutting up the wood at the back of the farm dad got the tractor and ripped the tree out of the ground with the tractor, grandad said it was over 100 years old.

We took the tree out because the tree was in the way of the paddock and it was getting annoying so we decided to pull it out with the tractor. The tree made lots of noise as it ripped out of the ground leaving a big hole. Then after dad had ripped the tree out grandad cut the tree up into firewood and put it on the trailer ready to bring back to the house.

My mum and I helped grandad load up the tractor but it started to rain and we had to finish 1quater of the way through so next time he comes out he is going to finish the tree. So we headed home and we unloaded the tractor. Look down below of the photo when the tree was ripped out. Do you cut your firewood up? Do you have a fire? Do you live on a farm? Let me know I the comments below.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

It was so lucky

Have you ever been lucky in your life? I did today the 12th of Janurary my family my mum (Vicki), my sister (Madaline, and myself (Jorja) were travelling home from New Plymouth because we went up there to do some shopping and.......

We turned round the corner and were 2metres away from a logging truck and mum slammed on the brakes and we fell forward, mum pulled on the brakes because the logging trucks back trailer had smashed around and dug into the ground plummeting all the logs over 500kg all over the road.

Mum said a couple more split seconds and we could of been gone. Parts of the trailer dug into the ground leaving dents in the road. The driver was so shocked and so was I. Mum backed up just in case we rolled down the hill as it was steep. Since it happened on the hill the logs rolled down onto the grass leaving space to zigzag through the logs so people could carry on their trip. 

I took some photos down below, the photo of our blue family car does not seem as close as mum backed up but it would have only taken halve a second said mum, we were so lucky. The truck driver came over and apologised and said the only way it could have happened is because I was going to fast he explained. Have you ever been so lucky? Do you drive a truck? If you do be careful because anything could happen even if you don't expect it.

Friday, 8 January 2016

New Plymouth

On the 6th of Janurary my nana, myself (Jorja) and my sister (Madaline) went up to New Plymouth we we went to the swimming pools and done some shopping as most nanas do!!

Madaline and I (Jorja) went in the indoor pool at New Plymouth we got there and got dressed in the changing rooms then jumped straight in the pool we had been in the water for an hour and then the waves came on, the waves are so fun!! Madaline and I hopped on a bogie board and played around after we had went swimming we went to get a ice cream as they has a cafe there Madaline and I both got goodie-goodie-gum-drops. As we left there were lots of cars coming in and the pools were getting packed. We were glad to leave as it would have been crowded.

Also on Wednesday we went for lunch at sun world, sun world is a Chinese restaurant and you can pick what ever you want. Aswell we went out to the valley and we went to rebel sports hoping to find a peak hat for our tennis torduments. Myself and Madaline my sister play for a club called Okaiawa, we have been with them for about 3years now.

Also to finish off we went to centre city. We went to farmers and tried to find my sister Madaline a birthday present as her birthday is coming up in Feburary. After we had finished our day in New Plymouth we headed home as it was getting late. Have you been to New Plymouth? Have you been to the swimming pools? Let me know in the comments below!!

Monday, 4 January 2016

Hawera grass Courts Tennis Tournament

Here is a picture of my certifacates up above.

On Sunday the 27th of December 2015 myself {Jorja} along with my sister Madaline played in a tennis tournament in Hawera. The tournament was for all ages from 10 years which is my age and to 16 years of age. One boy who was there and he was 16 years old in the best in New-Zealand for the 16 year old's . Myself {Jorja} and Madaline my sister have been playing tennis for the club Okaiawa for 3 years now, you may have even seen my post about the Okaiawa parade which we came second in the placing but if you haven't here is a link to the post.

My first girl I faced was a great tennis player and came to the tournament because she wanted rankings from the game for the asb classics in Auckland. She was great!! We played one set up to nine and she beat me 9-0 she won. Also they came all the way from Wellington to come to this day so she was really serious about it. Well as me I drove 15 minutes from our house. Hawera is located in south Taranaki, New Zealand. 

I played five games including a game of doubles that I played with my sister (Madaline) we lost 9-7. I got runner up in the ten year old girls. But also...... I had 4 games in the 12 year olds and I'm only ten I got moved up into the 12 year olds as there were only two ten year old girls. 

I also got a lot of stuff I for winning the plate for the twelve year olds and getting runner up in the ten year olds. I got adidas pants, $10 and soap also the certifacates of course. Do you play tennis? Do you go to tournament? Or even watch tournaments? These are questions I am asking myself!! Let me know in the comments below I love hearing from you.