Monday, 29 June 2015

Cutting wood

Yesterday I set off to work alongside mum,dad, brother Taylor and sister Madaline we were of chopping wood on the wood splitter and I took this picture of a peace that split into little lines when we cut this peace of wood I wasn't sure what all the lines were. Mum said that the lines probably be how old the peace of wood would be. Do you know what the lines in the wood mean? Leave a comment below and I check it out. We were down to last peace when the wood chipper started to go slow so we had this slow as peace getting cut just on our last. Lucky I said because amagine if we had a slow as wood cutter citing 45 pieces of wood non stop what jobs do you get up to in the weekends? 
Let me know I would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Flooding on the farm

Tonight we went outside only to find Dad and grandad digging with the shovels and tractor to put in a new pipe that would drain out the water that was clogging up on the lawn. We had to dig one meter down in the wet soggy mud. We said that it will be drained out by the morning and it wasn't. We also have been having very hard rain that has caused people to be moved out of their house. The rain has also damaged our drain because the heavy rain has forced the metal out of the drain down our track we were repearing this yesterday and we only got it completed today the photos that I have put up are pictures of the dogged drain with water running through and our siledge pit that was 50 centre meters high. Have you had any bad weather? If so let me know in the comments below.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Crowley cup 5/6 rugby Matipu vs Auroa

Today at Auroa School we had a very important game of rugby it was the Crowley cup game semi-final game and Auroa played Matapu we had some amazing run away's and some great tries but in the second half Matapu led and just cause of some amazing tries many of the Auroa children scored we won the semi final and the final score was 66-29 but even though our Auroa team came out on top the Matipu team played really well and it was hard for some of our team to catch up they were so fast and after that the rugby boys got to have something to eat they got popcorn,Lamington and many more things but before that the captains from each team came ford and done a speech about the hard game they had and both of the captains from each team got player of the day aswell Astin from our team got player of the day and he played very well. I wish all the Auroa boys good luck for their final I think in one weeks time also we are playing netball Crowley cup on Friday I hope it does not get called off because of the bad weather.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Icey cold day at Auroa

On the 16th of June we went outside to play and we could see ice,lot's of ice even ice stuck in the bark to. At Auroa we have a fenced off area so we don't go outside of the school and so when Mr Webb went to school today and tried to open the latch on the gate it was frozen solid but after a good amount of pushing and heaving h got it open also in the morning we had a outstanding 6 degrees inside with the fire on. And we discussed at school that in the night time we must of had the degrees go down to 0 because that is freezing point. Also when we got to school and in the morning there was dripping wet water cause the sun was shinning even though it was cold and when the temperature started to begin to get hotter the ice started to melt from the freezing created over morning and the night.  

Sunday, 14 June 2015

The new members of our family

Yesterday we went to my friends house and saw some of their bunny a they are. Only two weeks old and we went to get two of their bunnys because their two big bunnys just gave birth. After picking out bunny we went in their house and were deciding on a name while mum was having a cup of tea and Daniel helped ups decide my one is the black and white one and I named it bubbles and Madaline my sisters one is the brown and white one and she hasn't found a name for hers yet. We are feeding the bunny little bunny nuts, cabbage, and carrot we can only give them little things cause they are very young. We were so excited about our new bunnys. When we got home it was 5:00 pm at night and got the cage ready first the straw next the food and after a couple of pats we put them to be since we have a cat can two wild cats we are taking we put bricks on the cage at night so if the cats trie to get in they won't be able two. Also in the morning on Monday we took the two bunnies Cinnamen and Bubbles for a walk around the house on the lead and for two weeks old they are pretty fast.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Our day out

Today my family went down to the Coastal walkway in New plymouth Taranaki.The walkway is ideal for walking, running, cycling or skating, or simply enjoying the view of the dramatic west coast.The Coastal Walkway is 12.7km long. If you are doing the whole walk. Also if you want to try out the walkway and choose to go for a bike ride they advise you to wear a helmet that fits.Heading west, the walkway winds past the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre, Kawaroa Park and playground then heads to the marina at the port and Ngamotu Beach a safe swimming beach for the family. So if you are out and about in Taranaki go to New Plymouth and give the walkway a go and have fun.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

THANKYOU for 4000 veiws

I would like to thank all the people who have visited my blog it is a great accomplish to have had 4000 people view my blog also it is great to hear from you in the comment's. By the end of the year I would like to get to around 8000 page view's toward's the MOA kluster because we had best intermediate blog and to win that would be amazing.
Keep up the great blogging everybody!!!!!!!

Pennington cup 2015

On Saturdays my sister Madaline and I play hockey but it was different this week we had to get a team of about 8 and one would from your team will be the goalie so there would be 1 as a sub and 5 on the feild defending they were 12 minut game's no swapping end's just playing for 12 minute's the name we were called was the fast five I had one of my friend' in goalie and she was great also we only play on a half a feild with board's all around it so it wouldn't go out and it wouldn't take Jon time in our team there was Alexis who got player of the day,Jorja that's me, Madaline, Meg,Isabelle, Renee, Grace and Ellie our team done very good even though we had never played together and at the end of the day there were the final's the option's were 5th and 6th ,4th and 3rd,2nd and 1st well eve though we lost 3 game's and won 3game's we then got to play off for 3rd and 4th and we came third it was a great outcome even though we had to face year seven's and eight's we done good and we hope to play in each other's team next year for the Pennington cup 2016. If you look up here is a piture I took of the play off for second and first and the White team came first and black and green team came second and also mum took a photo of me standing in front of the hockey turf.