Thursday, 30 April 2015

Science time

Today we had a replacement teacher and her name was Mrs knapman she thought us today and for science we had a little pill and it grew into different animals but the thing was that we did not know what animal or sea creature we were getting you see so we got into partner's and I chose Bethany as my partner here is her blog-Bethany's Blog           
And then we grabbed a blue pill thinking it was growing into a fish but when the pill hit the water the outer casing of the pill started to dissolve and a animal grew this was our animal it is a dinosaur it you would like to do this at home here is the material's
1) You need a pill
2) Some warm water
3) And a bowl

To make the pill the got some foam and cut out a animal just say it was a crab they would cut a little crab out and it would be small enough to fit into a little pill case and they would put it into the outer casing and make sure it would be tight enough and little did we know I was right.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

My adventure's with Flat Stanley

Yay In class we got to have a choice to take flat Stanley home and I said strait away yes please and mr Webb my teacher gave me flat Stanley to take home I took a variates of photo's with flat Stanley and hope to make a slideshow out of it room3 was very luckey cause we got mailed flat Stanley from a great class in England at hoppwood cp school here is a photo I took with my cat Otis and flat Stanley by my sister's Madaline's piano.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Dawn service

Yesterday at dawn service and then at 10-20 we went to another parade in Kaponga first we saw all the army soldier's marching with the men playing the bag pipe's and all the army truck's down the street then afterword's we went into the Kaponga hall and they done a speech and we done some pray's and then we sung the National anthem after that we put reef's by the crosses and they did the last post the song then a quit something to eat and we were off.   

Colonel William George Malone

Lieutenant Colonel William George Malone (24 January 1859 – 8 August 1915) was an officer in the New Zealand Military Forces who served in the First World War. He commanded the Wellington Infantry Battalion during the Gallipoli Campaign, and was killed in action during the Battle of Chunuk Bair. Born in England, Malone emigrated to New Zealand in 1880 and joined the New Zealand Armed Constabulary. After two years service in the Taranaki region, he worked at Opunake and later took up farming on land he bought with his brother near Stratford. He studied to become a lawyer and worked in New Plymouth in partnership with other lawyers but later set up his own practice in Stratford. A volunteer in New Zealand's militia, he helped raised the Stratford Rifle Volunteers. When the militia was abolished and replaced with the Territorial Force, he was made commander of 11th Regiment (Taranaki Rifles). Following the outbreak of the First World War, he volunteered for service with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force and was appointed commander of the Wellington Infantry Battalion. He led the battalion through training in Egypt and during the Gallipoli Campaign until his death at Chunk Bair in Gallipoli.

Friday, 24 April 2015

App of the week

Through week I have been having fun playing on my iPad  I have been using different variate's of picture's and editing them this a result I got using a plain picture and turning it into a peace of art the app that I used to do this was on REPIX it is a easy and fun way to create cool picture's we would all enjoy 

Fruit time

On our feijoa tree out in the garden it is blooming with flower's and knew feijoa's are growing it is amazing I go out to the garden every day and i get a bagful of fruit here is a picture of a plate of feigoa's.
 what fruit do you have in your garden? What fruit do you eat?

Bike Saftey

Kizoa slideshow: BikeSafety2015 - Slideshow

Here is a kizoa our teacher Mr webb put together from our bike safety lesson with the police on the 22nd of April we were also lucky enough to get a visitor from hopwood cp school in the united kingdom it's name is flat Stanley you will see some highlight's through the video enjoy.

Interviewing Room8

Yesterday the 23rd of April we went to interview some student's from room eight we had a great time interviewing them because they were well behaved the question's that we asked them were.


1. What grade are you in?

2. What do you wear to school?

3. How many people are i your family's?

4. What do you do when you get home from school?

5. Who does the cooking in your family? And what do they like to cook?

6. Who does the cleaning in your family?

7. What do you do at the weekend's?

8. What house do you live in?

9. What important celebration do you do with your family?

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Comment's on my blog

Yay I had a incredible comment from a couple of girl's over in the UK the first on said they had a bearded dragon and in class I was thinking what is that then I researched some information about a bearded dragon and here it is the real name for it is a Pogona if you would like to find some more information and your not that sure then please click on this link- Bearded dragon's

The second response that i got was also unusual because we don't usually have these as a pet in New Zealand and it's a African land snail in the comment I got it said it could grown up to 7 inches but at the moment it is 5 inches the snail's also came unusual to me as i don't have them as a pet if you want to find information about the snail's click on this website i hope to hear some more from you about your different pet's

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

ITM cup

Yesterday we had a great visit from Jack he came to Auroa school and brought us the ITM cup it was amazing we were lucky enough for the rugby union to let us take part and have a photo taken with it was a dream come true. Have you had any special event's ?

Anzac Day

Anzac Day occurs on the 25th of April. It commemorates all New Zealanders killed in war also honours returned servicemen and woman.

Thousands lost their lives that day including 87,000 Turkish 44,000 men from France and the British empire also 8,500 Australians. To this day Australia also marks the events held on the 25th of April. Among the dead were 2779 New Zealanders about a fifth of them served in Gallipoli. 

Anzac stands for Australian New Zealand army corps please don't forget and enjoy your weekend celebrating.


Sunday, 19 April 2015

Cupcake decorating time

My friend Caro and myself Jorja had a great time at little miss cupcakes in Hawera Taranaki on the 19th of April 2015 the cupcakes were already made separately and we got to decorate the cupcakes our selfs it was great fun I really injured it. We got to make four each we made a Cookie Monster a car driver a flower and a choice of our last one check it out.


1.The mixture for the icing was buttercream and food colouring.

2.use a piping bag.

3.You need a lollipop some sprinkles or whatever you want.

Art time

Friday, 17 April 2015

Playing time yay

Today we went up to our friends house Lloyd and Joanne Morgan we had great fun playing with there kittens the pair of them were 2 week's old on of the the kitten's names was Jeffery the other was mack we spent all day playing with the you could see they were having great fun.
What animal's do you have?

Saturday, 11 April 2015


I am amazed that I have accomplished this amount so thank you for all my visit's.

Our visit to Hollard garden's

Yay we finally had a visit to hollard gardens it is located in South Taranaki kaponga it is a amazing place and great fun for the kid's to run around and play different sport's also there are different kind's of flower's and lot's of walk way's I hope to here from you when you visit hollard garden's enjoy it while you can.

App of the week

This is a great app I have been using it for all my school year's the things you can do with the app are you can use any photo you want of yourself or many more thing's you can make your own back round or choose one that is already on the app you can press the play button and use and way you want to make you video just follow these easy steps and you will be able to make a great puppet pal.

Pumpkin growing time!!!

Yay the day had come upon us pumpkin growing time my friend Baileigh and I Jorja went down to a festival at Kapong in Taranaki at Hollard gardens. We went to this event on the 6th of April 2015 I won third prize for my pumpkin there were alsort's of pumpkin's there small big unusual and many more what event's do you go to or compete in?

Scrapbooking time

Yay I had great fun making my card for my freind's birthday it was a great accomplish and the great idea I got this from was the app Pinterest or if you can't down load it you can search it up on the Internet.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

My bunny Cinammon

Last night we had great fun playing with my bunny it is 9 week's old and is lopped eared bunny it's name is Cinnamon there are all sort's of different kind's of bunny's so check this out here is some more information about bunny's click on this Information about bunny's

Our experiment

We had a great second block at school today we made a experiment using vinegar and baking soda we used a little container for it to contain all the air room 4 used the same material“s but different out come's if you want to try it at home I would suppose you would do it outside.