Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Caro's trip to wellington

At 12.00pm we traveled to Wellington . Our first and our last stop was Whanugi petrol station 
For 5 minutes. When we were back on the road there was a delay because of an over size 
Truck so we waited for a long time because it was real slow. Harpa keeper on asking are 
We there yet but the answer was always no. But one time it wasn't because we we're in 
Wellington! I spotted a huge cruise ships in the harbor and a crate ship on the other side
Of the harbor. I showed Georgie where we were going to watch the rugby tonight and the
Teams that were playing was Hurricanes and the rebels.
This story was done by Caro

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Book of the week

I had a great time reading this book I recently finished the book three day's ago tell me if there are other book's you are quite interested in. Here is a part of the story he is trying to find his cousin when he come's upon a gold medal check out the book you will enjoy it I sure did check out this website.

  Geronimo Stilton

Popping time

Great job year six's to pop all this popcorn in all one day I'm amazed you have done a great job and thank's to mr bloor for this amazing idea the drive in movie night was a big hit our family and friend's really enjoyed it keep up the good work.

Drive in movie night

Kizoa slideshow: DMN2015 - Slideshow

On Friday night at Auroa Primary School we held a special event that was eagerly awaited - Drive in Movie Night! We had a massive screen brought into the school on the back of a Sandfords Truck.  We had a massive projector organised and families were able to bring a vehicle onto our school field and watch a selection of movies - as advertised in our awesome trailers there were a mixture of student work and some amazing productions from the fantastic Mr Bloor, who works at our school.This amazing video was made by mr webb.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Palmerston North

Palmersten North from Myles Webb on Vimeo.

We had great fun in Palmerston North we went to see the light's and that day we went to a festival it was crowded there was over 200 people there here is a photo of the henna that my cousin got done on her hand do you know what a henna is?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Eeling time yay!!!!

We had a great time on Thursday the 19th of March the eel we caught was massive it was just under one metre long we had great fun I went down the back of the farm with my brother Taylor my sister Madaline and myself we had to take two line's down one of the line's broke and the we had two use the others line tell me if you and your family or friend's goo Eeling? Here is some information about eel's.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

A amazing descovery

An amazing discovery when I was at Palmerston North i brought this do you know what it is yes that's right it is a fossil also on the back of it which you can see it's say's it is three hundred and sixty million year's old well that's true there is a photo also on the back and it show's you what this use to look like it use to be a real living thing and the sand and water got over it and soon enough it got molded in a peace of rock or stone so I guess you could say it is a peace of history


Netball is starting up soon yay we have practice on Tuesday and Wednesday this week do you play netball if you do tell what defense you play or what position you play I play gs- goal shoot Gk- goal keep and I play c- witch is centre


Thank you to everyone that visited my blog it is amazing cause now have over one thousand page view's. Every time you click on my blog it count's as one visit so I enjoy hearing from you guy's some more THANK YOU EVERYBODY

Palmerston North Light's

Yay!!!! we visited Palmerston North and we had great fun we went to a festival in the town square and we got a henna done on our hand we also went out at night to the middle of the town and we went and saw the big clock lit up at night time it looked great also the tree's were light up with light's and all sort's of different light's it was amazing he big clock tower changed colour every ten minute's and the colour's it changed to were green, blue, red, purple, orange and yellow I also when i am finished I have a beatiful Imovie to share with you guy's enjoy.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Meeting the Triahtlete's

Meeting the triathlete's

On Wednesday the 18th of March we were traveling to Opunake event centre to meet some of the three most talented triathlete's ever. They were talking to us about triathlon's and much more.

Did you know that in a World Cup Triathlon only 75 people are allowed in the women's and men's section. The sponsor's for the triathlete's pay for them to travel all over New Zealand.

The name's for the triathlete's were Daniel he spoke Italian and the other two were Miriam she spoke Spanish and Roberto he spoke litherwayneim also they have some unusual spot's to train and exercise they often bike in parks and forests. Daniel often swim's in a group with 20 odd people.

Miriam sadly broke her collarbone In a bike accident when they crashed while riding.

After speaking with the triathlete's it now has inspired me to do triathlon's

By Jorja

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mount spa swimming sport

Today we had over twenty swimmer's from Auroa school that competed for the mount spa swimming sport's age's eight and up we had some amazing swimmer's that competed and we done very well. However it just wasn't good enough to take the lead and come home with the trophy we had like five other school's competing in this event and the school's were Kaponga, Matipu, Rahuto, st pat's and st Joseph's   

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Farming life

Here are some of the best reason's why I like living on the farm look at those view's and that's not even the start have you seen some of the colour's of the sky and the beatiful sunset's I wake up to every morning it is lively but what I want to know is why the cloud's are pink?

The lighthouse

We went on a family adventure to see the beautiful lighthouse around Rahuto it was a beatiful day and we got some of the most amazing piture's ever there is also a replica that is around the corner and we hope to go see that one another day to did you know this light house what actually used in the 1970's and to this day it is still standing it is pretty amazing it would be great if you go see it in peron so check it out

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Swimming in room3

Yesterday we had set some goal's for swimming in room 3 we were trying to set those those goal's and while some of the great swimmer's were swimming myself and Mackenna took some amazing photo's to pit together in a Imovie and as soon as we upload the Imovie there will be more amazing photo's for you to see enjoy 

Friday, 13 March 2015

The amazing chocolate fountain

The amazing Chocolate fountainTic toc tic toc waiting patiently till the clock struck twelve my eye's opened jumping for joy the time has come upon us .....

Party time the finest food's were laid amount the two table's and that moment walking towards the glory and gold drooling heavily. Could that be I thought to myself ?The best 

chocolate fountain in all of Taranaki. Excitement rushed through through my veins adrenalin lingered through my body.

It was time eating time my eye's lit up everything in my body felt alive like I just ate heaven. You better get in fast I shouted to mum this will go in two second's.Grabbing a strawberry and covered it in luscious dark chocolate it dripped off the side's like raindrops falling from the sky.

The chocolate was gone and everyone already had enough fun for one day it was to time to go home.

By Jorja

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Book of the week


Today I was reading a great story as you can see it show's the name and illustrator but the book's name is Matilda ill give you some information about book she has been through lot's and finally get's adopted by a nice family well that's what she think's when you' see them at hoe she get's left out and all her foster parent's care about is there real son that's enough information now so if you would like to see the book check it out it is really cool.

Thunder and lightning

Today at school we had a cause of thunder and lightning did you that a bolt of lightning heat's the air along it's path and cause's it to expands rapidly. The time between the thunder and the lightning hit's you can tell where it is coming from and you can tell  how far away you are from it. Did you also know that sound travel's 1 km in about three second's and a mile in about five second's these are some fact's that are quite useful in a position when it has thunder and lightning.

Kaponga Athletic's day highlight's

Kaponga Athletic's highlight's

Kizoa slideshow: Athletics2015 - Slideshow
On the 5th of march 2015 we had an anual event we do it is call the mount spa athletic's event the event was held at the Victoria park in kaponga and here are some of the photo's that we took there enjoy!!!

First place here I come

First place here I come

The whistle squealed go a sudden urge for energy hit me I bulleted down my lane my heart pounding the smell of victory lingered in the air.

Two more lengths to go the water was steaming. I was going as fast as my legs would take me my arms thrashing against the water.

Back in the pool I jump and rotating my body it was time for my next event backstroke my knees bent ready to race my feet pushed against the wall gathering momentum going full speed through the calm,cool water.

Taking the lead the lead 1st place was only an arms reach away my enemy's lurk behind me greedy for victory Kyah was in the lead she touched the wall before I could even say a word second place will do but I will have to see if my next race will give me any glory.

Receiving my token and racing to my last event so far I wasn't the only one that did good that day it was a team event and even though we came last we gave it our all.

By Jorja

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Swimming sport's teacher parent student relay

we had a great event on the 4th of march 2015 it was the parent teacher student relay this took place at Stratford swimming pool's we had an outstanding day and lot's of win's but then it was time for this event it was a close race but coming out in the top place were... the teacher's and then in second place were the parent's then last but not least it was the student's great race guy's well done.

Hockey time

Every Friday night my sister Madaline and I Jorja do small stick's hockey training in Stratford and New Plymouth it goes for two hour's and you have the chance to meet knew people and knew coaches every ten minute's you swap over and go to the next coach and also you can do it in Opanake on a Monday at night time.

Auroa swimming sport's whanu relay

This video is showing the Auroa School swimming sport's day Whanu relay and it was held on the 4th of  March 2015 this video was produced by Bethany and I Jorja this video was also made by the app called imovie and i was done by computer and it could be done by a device also.