Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Okaiawa parade

On 20th of December 2015 my family traveled to tennis practice in Okaiawa a ten minute drive away tennis practice was at 10:00 and finishes at 11:00 a hole hour but after tennis practice we gathered our stuff and traveled back to home to get ready for the Okaiawa parade, as it is getting into Christmas now it was a great time to have it.

You may have even come along to the day it occurred? But if you didn't that ok because I think there will be plenty more parades coming up. Including the Opunake parade. YAY!! The reason why we went to the Okaiawa parade was because our family along with mums friend Shellie Baylis's family helped out make a parade for the Okaiawa tennis club that myself (Jorja) and my sister (Madaline) plays for. We also have been playing for three years now and this is our third year.

We made the float minions themed because the actual theme for the hole parade was cartoons and we done minions which is very popular right now . Also they have made 3 movies out on DVD at the moment including despicable me, despicable me-2 and also a hole movie that is based on the minions called minions which is a funny!! Have you seen any of those movies??

Also mums friend Shellie Baylis made there own family float but they were disadvantaged because they won last year at the Okaiawa parade but there family is very talented and chose to do the cartoon movie Shrek. There are also some photos down below of the float Shrek themed. Everything you see in the photos of the floats down below has been hand made using tools. The characters on the floats have been totally made by hand and materials like wire and doing paper mache-ay then painting over top in the colors of the characters, don't they look amazing!! I think they do.

The characters Madaline (my sister) and I (Jorja) played was the two girls off the despicable me movies I played as the girl who loved unicorns called Angus and Madaline (my sister) played Margo the tall oldest girl.
Before the trucks, cars and vehicles started moving we got judged and who was the winner .............. The winner was the flint stones another popular cartoon movies there float was made by the local Okaiawa social club then second was ........ The minions to the Okaiawa tennis club. That's us I said to Madaline, they gave us a certificate that said second then third was ....... The fires trucks made by the Okaiawa fire fighters. 

The parade began moving on the road at 10-past-1 it was slow moving as it would be dangerous if you went fast with people standing up on the floats. After the parade had finished mr-wippie the ice cream man was there and my nana who had been watching the parade in Okiawa took us to get a ice cream and I got a bubble gum ice cream. Then mum took us home it was a great day in my opinion!!! Did you go to the Okaiawa parade? ,or have you gone to any parades yet? And where? These are all the questions I am asking myself comment below and let my know. I love hearing your comments and reading them.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Have a very Merry Christmas

Merry christmas to the hole wide world!!! Christmas is only four sleeps away including today Monday the 20/12/2015. I hope you get everything you want and spend The special christmas day with your family!!! There is no better place you can be. Everybody who rang up santa claus or maybe took the time to write him a letter. I hope it reaches the North Pole in time before he rushes off all over the world and leaves ths North pole to visit every single house in the world and full up kids santa sacks. I hope everybody has a very merry christmas and a happy new year. HoHoHo!!!!!

Ed Sheeran

The weekends just passed my mum (Vicki) and her friend Shellie went up to Ed Sheeran. If you dont know who Ed Sheeran is, he is a famous worldwide singer and proforms songs all over New Zealand, Ed Sheeran was singing in Auckland at the Vector arena. Also the same weekend that has just passed they also had the AcDc concert but some people in my class at Auroa Primary School said it didnt go as well as planned. Also I dont think it changed the amount of people going to the Ed Sheeran concert because mum (Vicki) said you were touching the other people next to you, it was squashed!!! Also while mum was away she done some shopping, she also got myself (Jorja) and my sister (Madaline) a wrist band from the Ed Sheeran concert. Along with a book where you start from the 1st of Januarary next year and you have to draw a picture and write the date everyday of the year because I love drawing. Also a cool cat wallet and a owl pen because I love owls. Did you go to the concert in the past weekend either if it was in the AcDc or Ed Sheeran? Write a comment down below and let me know if you enjoyed it!!

This is a pictue of the wrist band that I got from my mum (Vicki). The photo of the wrist band I took on my arm in my bedroom.

Here is the picture of the owl pen, the book where you have to write a drawing in everyday and the beautiful cat wallet.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

The Edublog-Award

We are thrilled to learn this week that room3 have been nominated for a very special award - we are one of the finalists for the Best Classroom Blog for the 2015 Edublog Awards.  This is an international award that we have been nominated for and reflects the awesome work that our students have completed during the year. In addition to this exciting news we also had another nomination for best student blog myself Jorja in the Best Student Blog.  These are significant awards and we are thrilled for the opportunity and the experience - wonderful to see some of our Blogging Friends and Classrooms that we have collaborated with during the year being likewise nominated. Please check out the nominee's and good luck to all finalists. If you want to check out the site and vote click on this link here- it will take you straight to where the best student blog awards section is but you can easily scroll up and it will take you to the other categories. Also to vote scroll right up to the top. Good luck to the people that have got this far and have even be entered in it cause it is extremely hard and it is in the top 50 in the hole world which is really great. May the best blog win.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New Kitten

On Friday the 28/11/2015 I got a new kitten the cat is a ragdoll cat it is so fluffy and soft. It is a kitten it is seven weeks old and it is my early Christmas present for myself (Jorja) and my sister Madaline, the kitten is so friendly it follows you around everywhere you go and you sometimes step on it, its name is Harry which is quite funny cause my cousins name is Harry. Its paws are white and under the chin is white but everywhere else is black. We feed Harry twice a day we feed it a handful of nuts morning and also night. We feed it meat especially for kittens. Have you got any pets? & what pets are they? These are the questions I am asking myself. Let me know in the comments below!!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Putting up a new archway

On Sunday this weekend we went outside because mum wanted to put up a archway in our sitting area. The archway mum wanted to make from a old insulator pole that had been on our farm for 20 years. It was so heavy even dad couldn't lift it up so he picked it up with the tractor and put it on the chains and lifted it over the fence. The insulator that were on the poles date back to the 1960s. The pole was way to long so we had to measure it with a measuring tape and cut it, we dug two holes in the area and put the poles in then dad put the insulator on top. After we had finished the final result was great and mum planted a couple of plants around the poles and then mum had a big rose growing next to the poles where we had put them in so she got a piece of rose and tied it to the archway so it would grow over it.  But while we were putting the poles in I found a massive worm and took a photo with dads phone. Have you ever built anything?

Here is a photo of dad while he was bolting in the insulater at the top so it would be stable and hold for a long time.

Here is a picture of the big worm that I saw when we had to dig the wholes we thought it was about the size of a pencil because half of the head was in the ground.

Here is a picture of the final result and we added a sign and nailed it up. It say Beware cables below so it would look vintage.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Moa Awards

Our Minecraft Video


This our Minecraft Hawera Water Tower video that we won the best educational video for and also I would like to credit Mr Bloor for helping us film the video and different parts of it.

Highlights from the Moa Awards

Also here is a video my teacher  Mr Webb created of the Moa awards Mr Webb also done well and one the best class blog for Auroa Primary School well done Mr Webb.

Here is the picture of the trophy that I got it says the best student blogger intermediate and a big Moa Kluster written on the top. The trophy is made of plastic but is mistaken as been glass.

Here is a picture of the certificate I got with the best educational Minecraft water tower entries that Jayden, Caro, Mackenna, Rico and myself done.

Here is a picture I took of the certificate that I got for the best year 5/6 five and six blog that they judged.

The Moa awards, the Moa awards are a series of awards that you can enter in and win prizes. The Moa wards aka the Moa Klusted is made from 4 different schools Opunake school, Matapu school, Kaponga school and of course Auroa Primary School. The event has only been going for two years and it is the second year now last year I did not get into any categories but my sister Madaline did and she won with her educational video last year. But this year it was different I entered in 4 (four) categories and the four categories I entered in were my music video that I done with Bethany, Caro and Jorja ( myself ) the next one I entered in was original image and a educational video with Jayden, Rico, Mackenna, Caro and Me. The last one I entered in was my school class blog. The categories you want to enter in get put into one big folder within the four schools in the categories. After all the entries are in the folder they get sent to judges all over the world and they judge our entries they then choose the top four entries and my Minecraft group with the educational video were lucky enough to get in the top four also I was luck enough to get in the top 4 year 5/6 five and six school blogs. When I got to the Moa awards last night on the 10th of November. The night was packed and everybody from the community came to the Opunake event centre where the Moa awards took place. When you got there you had to give your ticket to Mr Chittenden our school principal if you would like to go in. Because of the amount of people going there were 700 people isn't that a lot. We had to sit in our School groups and we had four areas set up for each school. Mr Bloor a very talented filmer from Auroa school made all the video and editing for the night he was also so busy helping everyone at our school film there videos. There were lots of amazing entries but there could only be one winner in each category....... Who will it be? Will I win? here comes the blogs I said to my friend Caro the top four people were all from our school and in room3 ( my class) Ebony, Mackenna, Caro and Myself and the winner is Jorja Symes. I was so happy I walked on the stage and got my certificate and trophy. Next up was the year 7/8 seven and eight blogs the four people were Madaline (my sister) , Kyah, Emma, and Meg and the winner is....... Madaline I was cracking up laughing because I just won the blogs for my year and she won as well I was so happy for Madaline next up was the educational videos for year 5/6 five and six come on guys I said to my friends who made the video with me we were all crossing our fingers hoping we were the winners, and the winner for the educational video is Minecraft water tower. WE WON we all went up and got our certificate but the problem is that if you are in a group and you have lots of people it will not be fare to keep the trophy yourself so our teacher and school puts it into our trophy container the last awards was up the supreme winner all over the night and it goes to Auroa Primary School The bum race made by Kyah and her brother Duran Bloor we got a massive trophy and Kyah and her brother Duran got a T.V. I had a great night and it was amazing that I won in the two things I entered in. Have you ever won any awards? Did you go to the Moa awards? These are all the questions I'm asking myself comment below and let me know the answers to these questions!!! If you would like to visit the Moa Kluster page click on this link here-Moa Kluster

Monday, 9 November 2015

The bonfire

Here is the big fire that one of the people at the bonfire set up.

This picture I took when Katelyn my friend was holding a sparkler in her hand I took the photo on my iPod.

Here is a picture I took of Renee another person who was there holding a marshmallow that she had just toasted in our little fire. 

Here is a picture I took our little fire that we made.

On Friday night I got invited to stay the night at my friend Kateyln's house and we went to a bonfire on the Rama Rd in Taranaki. When it got later in the night at the big fire we lit sparklers and we also roasted marshmallows on a little fire we were stocking up. At night time when it was really dark my friend Katelyn's dads mate Ricky put some fireworks on and we watched the fire works there were all sorts of fireworks and different colour's ,but  the reason why we put fireworks on and we had a bonfire because we were celebrating guy forks. We lit the fireworks at 8:30pm at night and when we went home at 9:30pm at night they were still going and the big fire was almost gone out we had lots of things at the bonfire including someone brought donuts and cinnamon rolls to share and we had biscuits. We brought chairs and sat down to watch the fire works. Do you celebrate guy forks? Do you lite fireworks or have you ever? These are questions I'm asking myself comment below!!! And let me know.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

My bunny

Now that our bunnies have had four little bunnies we don't want to have any more because we do not have enough room in our cages. So today we took the boy my bunny Bubbles up to the vet to get a part of his body cut out to stop them from having babies. We also took him up in a cat cage because we had no other place to put him. You may be wandering why he has the cone on his head?, That's because of the bunny's sharp teeth he could be able to rip out the stiches and that could cause an infection and my bunny could get real sick. We have to keep the cone on the bunny so head for 7days (1 week) before we can take it of to let the stiches settle in. Also we have to keep the bunny away from our other bunny we have that is my sister Madalines. We have to put it in our other cage for the time being and mum said when the little bunnies get a bit older we will be able to bring them into school to show all my classmates. Have you ever had a bunny? Have you ever had this happen to any pets of yours? Comment below and tell me the answers to these questions!!!

The garden festival

On Saturday we picked up mums friend Shellie and we went to Hawera in Taranaki we went to visit some gardens because the garden festival was on and mum and her friend Shellie like looking at ideas for there own gardens because we have a big garden.  I'm looking to make a slideshow with some of the photos we took but haven't made all of it yet. The garden festival goes on for the next two weeks and mum and I also mums friend went to look at a garden in Okiawa and a garden in Hawera that had just come back gardening after 15 years. Do you look at gardens? Do you have a garden? These are the questions I am asking myself comment below and let me know!!!

Monday, 26 October 2015


On Sunday my family went up to Stratford in Taranaki and we went to watch the New Zealand hockey players it was a great shiny day and there were lots of stools and lollies and crafts sold in tents we went to watch the New Zealand hockey men's and women's both play Australia, the score for the Woman's hockey game that was played before the men's was 1-1 all, so they had to go to a penalty shoot out and New Zealand lost so Australia won 2-1, but while the New Zealand and Australia women's was been played a lady from Hockey Taranaki came up to me and said would you like to lead out the New Zealand's men Hockey players and I said yes so she said meet behind the courts at 2:50 so we did we all got given the same top for everybody there was a person per every player from Australia and New Zealand, I went the New Zealanders and I held there hand and walked into the middle of the field and then Australia went first at singing their national anthem, then it was us we were all on T.V singing the national anthem for our country it was fun then after the both national anthems we walked off the field and the game started, sadly  we had to leave but in the five minutes we had to leave Australia scored to goals I got lots of things on Sunday and it was a great family day out , Did you go? Have you ever been to a New Zealand hockey match? These are all the questions I am asking myself, let me know in the comments below also have you ever been to the T.V?

Here is a picture of all the things and cool stuff that I got on Saturday I got a panflit saying which game was being played a what time and all the players names, a bag, a wrist band some thunders sticks and socks for playing hockey as all my family at hockey players or have been hockey players.

This is the T-Shirt that all the people got given that were going out on the field with the players the color was red because they could not put black on black.

Also the people that were going on the field got given a free wrist on it said Go Hockey so we had to wear that and the red T-Shirt we also got to keep them at the end of the day which was a bonus thing we got. 

Saturday, 24 October 2015

The sunsets

Here are some amazing photos that i have taken of sunset when it sets at night and the sun when it rises in the morning all of these photos have not been edited on and there are no effects on them they are all original and also they have all been taken on my iPad. All these photos have been local to my area and all have been taken i North Taranaki except one photo that I took in Wellington when we were travelling to a rugby match. One of my favorite things to do it photography as I take my iPad everywhere but it shows results in the great photos. Have you taken any photos of the sunset? Do you enjoy taking photos? Let me know in the comments below.

This a photo of the sunset that I took at 7:30 when the sun was going do I took the photo out at the backyard of my house.

Here is a picture of the sun that I took just after the sun was coming up in the morning the photo looks a bit blurry because there was 

Here is a picture that I took of the mountain and with a sunset behind it the picture may appear blurry because I took the photo while we were driving.

Here is a photo that I took of a sunset on the farm it is so beautiful.

When I was down in Wellington on holiday I took some photos we went to the rugby finals the Hurricanes VS the Highlanders, I took the photo when we were heading to the game.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

New bunnies!!

Today we went outside and we found that Madalines bunny was pulling out its fur and putting in in the corner of the cage and nowhere else. After we got inside from feeding the bunnies we searched up why do bunnies mult. It said it could be having bunnies, or has a rash. Mum read some more and it said that what ever the bunny could find in the cage it would start combing that stuff with her furr but she wasn't doing it at the time. The next day after that we looked in the cage curious what it was doing because it was only Madalines bunny doing it and she was pulling out her furr. We looked where the furr was placed and we found that she had put the straw in it that we put in to keep them warm also the nest had got bigger and we we're suspicious. Two hours later we went and fed the bunnies and when the bunnies were eating the furr was moving, I moved a piece of furr and we found two pink little bunnies, when bunnies are born there eyes are shut and there ears are folded.

Here is a photo of the nest she made before she had the bunnies we could only see two bunnies so that's all we think there is but there is another nest there.

Here is a picture of the bunnies that I took.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Hawera Intermediates shocking fire

Firefighters have been battling a large fire at Hawera Intermediate School since early Tuesday morning.

At least three classrooms are burnt out.

Hawera chief fire officer Mike Fairweather said they were called to the fire at 5.50am.
At the height of the fire three classrooms,a hallway,the school hall and to other classrooms at the back of the school were totally destroyed.
Hawera chief officer said there were 13 fire appliances and 48 firefighters from South Taranaki, New Plymouth and Whanganui at the fire, it took about two hours to bring the fire under control and bring out the flames.
After the fire and everything is cleaned up there next main step is to determain what happened to start the fire.
Maddison Greenhalgh a 11 year old girl from Hawera intermediate said she woke up to the sound of sirens and only realised half an hour later that her school was on fire. Her mother drove both her and her sister to the school to see what was happening.
Today there School day was canceled and they are trying to fling a replacement of where they are going to go and learn. 
Schools around Taranaki have offered to help out but there princapal said thanks but they need somewhere to acomadate 333 students some people that you may know.
I wish the best to the investigators to find the cause of the fire and why it started and the students, teachers, parent helpers and all the people at there school to find a new place to work and especially the fire fighters they have been working very hard and I hope luck comes your way. 

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Taranaki game

Which team do you think is going to win? Comment below!! On Thursday the 8th of October my friend rang up on the phone and she said would you like to come to the rugby game held tonight the people playing were Taranaki and the Taranaki were playing Tasman, When Caro rang up and said if I wanted to go I said yes with out a dought. Them my mum talked to Caros mum and we found out it was the theme of onzies for the kids so we had to wear our onzies to the game to win prizes. The team isn't just called Tasman there real name is the Tasman Marcos. I had a great night and the final result was that Taranaki lost 35-18 to the Tasman Marcos. Here are some photos from the game.

My friend Caro and I before the game ready to do the onezie walk over for this we had to walk into the middle of the field while the players were practicing and walked back.

The bull for Taranaki driving before the game.

Here is a photo that I took during the game before they were having a scrum.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Our visit to Air Zone

On Tuesday we went to Air Zone I went with my mum , my sister Madaline and myself (Jorja) Air zone is located in New Plymouth Taranaki we booked a time of 10:00am in the morning and you have a certain ellicated time to be in Air Zone we had a hour. When we got to Air Zone in New Plymouth we got special socks and mum said next time I am allowed to invite three friends and Air Zone is not the only trampoline place in New Plymouth there is another place in New Plymouth called Mega Bounce and people say that is really good as well. The rules at Air Zone were that only one person on a trampoline square at a time. As soon as we got there my sister Madaline and I (Jorja) jumped straight into the foam pit and I lost my sock as I was getting out of the foam pit. At Air Zone there were different parts to the trampoline areas there was another place where you could go play dodgeball and we went to play in there and we played dodgeball I won because I hit Madaline the most from her shoulder down. After we had finished our hour playing time at Air Zone we went to do some Christmas shopping and I got a new iPad case we had great fun at Air Zone and I'm looking forward to bringing my friends next time or we might be going to Mega Bounce.
Here is my story that I wrote about my visit to Air Zone.

Title: Air zone here we come

Air zone I shouted as I was excited for the first time visiting.

We entered the building sweat ran down my face, we walked to the counter and the man said "here you go" we got given blue air zone socks covered with orange grip at the bottom. He gave us a wristband to tell us where we were.

"Walk through this door please" the man said politely telling us the direction to go. We pushed the door open and we found....

Trampolines so many of them. Also a foam pit with a padded surrounding ensuring a soft landing.

We jumped right in and felt a soft landing as we were floating on a white fluffy cloud.

I had a great time at Air Zone playing different games and jumping and I'm sure to visit again sometime soon.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Hamilton here we go

Mum had to go up to a appointment on the 30th of September and so we went with her and me and my sister went up. Since we have our nana and grandad up there cause they live up there we went up on the 29th and we stayed up with them the night. When we were traveling there we stopped and had lunch at tiffanies at Te Kawiti and we had a piece of bacon and egg pie then we traveled past Otorohanga and we met up with our friends living there as we were using up time and getting fresh air because it was a four hour drive from our house to Hamilton and I get a bit car sick and when we were visiting our friends I took a photo of the kiwi there the picture it up above. We then made our way to Hamilton to our nana and grandads house at Howells ave. When we got there we unpacked our bags and said hello we were happy to see them. Also my brother Harley lives there in Hamilton and he came round to nana and grandads house to see us cause we never get to see him as they are so far away after we said hello to them we went and done a few jobs that grandad and nana wanted done after that we came back to there house and relaxed and stayed the night. The next day mum had to go to her appointment at the Waikato hospital and that was at 9:30 in the morning and after that we headed home as we had to do the calves that night. When mum got home we found out that she had to go and have a operation in a couple of weeks or so. So we will be able to see nana and grandad again soon and next time we go up there the calves will almost be finished so we will be able to stay a few more nights. We headed home at 11:00am and we got home at 1pm.

Friday, 25 September 2015

A visit from Taranaki players

Room3 from Auroa Primary School was lucky enough to get a visit from our student teacher Miss Boshiers brother Lachlon Boshier and his friend Reabun-o-neil they came to our school to give us signitures and take photos it was just like a meet and greet both of them a very talented at rugby but it is there first year playing. In class we got handed out posters that were signed by both of the rugby players we also took photos and here they are.

Here is a photo of me, Lachlon who is on the right and Reabun who is on the left.

Displaying IMG_2660.JPG

Here is a photo of the class and the rugby players.

Displaying IMG_2646.JPG

Taranaki Cross Country

Here is a picture of Hawera show grounds where we raced.

Today from all around Taranaki school's people were arriving at the Hawera show grounds to race in the Taranaki Cross Country running there were all the schools from all round Taranaki here today to race first up was the Nine year old girls and under, The first race was at 11:00am and then the nine year old boys and under raced. Our school was Auroa Primary School. My friend Bethany from room3 had a amazing run and so did the rest but Bethany came 5th well done to you. Then after the nine year old boys it was my race and in my race there were five people representing Auroa School my friend Machenna and Charlottle also Lexi, Kyah and myself (Jorja). My age group had a amazing race Kyah coming 10th Charlotte coming in the thirtys and then it was me coming in at 58th then Lexi at 69th and Mackenna at 71st well done to everybody who raced today and well done to everybody who got in the top ten!!

Here is a photo of the nine year old girls and under.

Here is a photo of the nine year old boys and under.

Here is a photo of the ten year old girls. (My race)

Here is a picture of the eleven year old girl.

Here is a picture of the eleven year old boys.

Here is a picture of the twelve plus girls.

Here is a picture of the twelve plus boys.

I give credit to Mrs Ericsson for taking all these amazing photos and for sharing them with all of us and well done to her for being there before the races and getting everybody ready you done a very great job if you would like to visit her great blog click on this link here-Room5@Auroa Primary School.