Monday, 22 August 2016

The Moa

The Moa were a large group of flightless birds that lived in New Zealand until 500 years ago. They are 6.3m in height as tall as a two story building and weighs 230 kg. There are nine species of Moas.

The moa were the most significant alternative to mammals in New Zealand, taking the role of the largest dominant herbivores, the same role as large animals such as a deer or an elephant.

The moa were hunted by māori who found them easy targets as they were so big. Their flesh was eaten and their skin and feathers were made into many sorts of clothing.

The moa lived in the mainland, the great barrier and also Stewart island. Different species of moa preferred different habitats. When moa bones were first discovered by the Europeans in New Zealand in the 1830’s. The bird was declared a significant marvel.

Our country
A number of species some very large and some very small once roamed our country and maybe even these very grounds!!

Much about the Moa remains a mystery. For years people have hunted for more clues or a glimpse of this mysterious beast.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Hockey uniforms

Today in the afternoon we had to get in from feeding the calves early as my mum had to travel up to New Plymouth to take to part in a Taranaki Hockey Federation meeting she is the manager of our team so she has the job of sorting out every fine detail. That night she came home there was a knock on the door “who is it” I said knowing it was mum, then I slowly opened the rusty old door where is she? I thought to myself as she blended in with the dark night sky with the black Taranaki bags until she finally slouched her way into the door that's when we saw in her hand was over sixteen hockey bags with all our uniforms in them, well a few handfuls. The big black and yellow bag contained a selection of things including two pairs of socks, a playing skirt, two playing skirts incase there is blood on the other one, a jacket, a practice shirt, also a sweatshirt(That's a lot!).As we rummaged through all the bags we finally found ours sitting at the bottom of the pile. I zipped open my bag to find my clothes neatly and tidily folded up until……. I wrecked it all!! We tried every little piece of uniform on thirty minutes later finishing the last piece of clothing and packing it very nicely, NOT!! Now that we have received our uniform we have to wear our practice shirt in and a black pair of canterbury shorts (It compulsary). Also coming up i will be posting about our tournament in Hawke's bay…. so keep updated!! Comment down below your questions!

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Great win!

Today the 13th of August 2016 we had a game of hockey, our game was being played in Stratford, Taranaki and we were playing off for first and second (The finals) Our team Te kiri were facing St Joseph's Stratford. Our game was at 11:50am. First we got to the turf and we practiced, we done some stretches and some practice hits and we were good to go!!

The whistle blew and we were off, I was playing centre-ford and in the first five minutes we had scored!! An awesome goal from one of my team mates Tom. The rest of the game was tight and we were trying to hold St Josephs off till half-time. The halftime whistle blew and we were off to have a team talk and a drink as we were so thirsty from all our hard work. Score at half-time 1-0 to our team!!

The second half horn bellowed and we were back on! In the second half no goals were scored and it was very close until the full time whistle blew. Officially announced now the winners of the saturday hockey competition Te Kiri, I jumped up for joy and so did the whole team! We done our cheers and shook St Joseph's hands then the final presentation Kobie hey one of my teammates went up and received the trophies. After that we had a team photo and this is how it turned out!!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Devastating disaster!!

As I maneuvered my way slowly through the cracks in the pavement towards the red zone,laid before me sharp shards of stone scattered among the dull lifeless streets if Christchurch.

I stared in disbelief at the at the desolate area.
"What happened to this city"? Madaline said curiously.
"A 6.3 magnitude earthquake"! I murmured.
"It's devastating"mum mumbled a tear dripped down her pale face. As I lumbered my was down the alleyway, I took a sharp right and that's when...

I saw it the CTV building once three story but now nothing only piles of cracked rubble. 
"Its a mess!!" Madaline proclaimed
"I can't imagine what it would have been like for the people in the building at the time of the earthquake" I said.

115 souls extinguished in a heartbeat almost as long as it took me to write this story.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

My photography portfolio

This photography portfolio I made was from the photos I took from all the holidays and also some school photos, all these photos have been taken on my iPad and some may contain effects to make the photo stand out a bit more. All these photos were captured all around New Zealand, from the South island, at home, in Hamilton there are many photos on hereto take a look at and get some inspiration, I hope u enjoy!!

Saturday, 30 July 2016


What are germs?How do they make us sick? And what can we do to stop the spread of germs?Germs are tiny organisms as small as a microchip they are living things.

That when they spread they make us very sick. Germs spread through your airways and can be passed on by breath as well!! There are many different types of germs but the two most common are bacteria and viruses.

Bacteria live and feed off the environment. for example the bacteria in your mouth feeds off the sugar from the food that you have been eating (isn't that yuck). Viruses on the other hand are the smallest known life 10-100 times smaller than bacteria. Viruses are different to bacteria because viruses need a living host like a plant or animal to grow and reproduce, while most bacteria can living on a non-living surface.

But when you get sick how can you tell if it is a virus infection or a bacterial infection? Usually the common cold or cough is viral and after the viral infection, bacterial infections occur including ear infections and sore throats.

These infections are caused by bacteria getting into your body. Bacteria can get into your body because your face can absorb sickness and it can get into your body if you shake someone's hand that has a cold and you touch your mouth. So next time you are sick go to the doctor!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Our family holiday

Day 1: On Monday the 11th of July our family were travelling to Dunedin for a family holiday first we traveled to New Plymouth to catch a plane to Auckland at 10:30 am once we got to the airport we had to check in and put our bags on the cart to load the plane up with our bags, it was only my second experience on a plane and it was a really cool one to. We flew over the ocean and we got some magnificent views from the air, I also managed to take a few astonishing pictures as well!! We even saw a rainbow with the sun behind it and the colours reflected on the ocean water, it was very visible. Once we got to Auckland airport we had lunch as we had a fair wait until we caught our next plane we had an one hour and thirty minutes to waste. The plane from Auckland to Dunedin was much bigger double the size of our first plane we flew on. The bigger plane was much faster and we had an awesome take off!! In the plane from Auckland to Dunedin we flew over the pacific ocean and we saw amazing views from up 35.000 feet high that was just over double we went up in the first flight, in the first flight we only reached the height of 16.000 feet high. In our second flight we also got to see the southern alps, they were covered in snow and we very noticeable from the sky. Once we got to Dunedin we picked up our bags off the plane and we were off to get the rental car we booked for our holiday as we would be doing lots of driving. After we picked up our rental car we got the gps our to get us to our motel, it took us ten minutes to get from the airport to our motel and once we got to the motel we took all our bags/luggage out of the car and we sat down for twenty minutes before we traveled to get some dinner, we got a hot chicken and a salad, it was delicious!!

Day 2: On Tuesday the 12th of July (My birthday) we had breakfast then we traveled out to the Otago Peninsula to do a guided tour of the albatross sanctuary and see the albatross right before our eyes, the tour involved...... See albatross real up in person, also discovering more information about the majestic birds!! After the trip out to the peninsula we traveled to Larnach Castle located upon a huge hill, Larnach Castle is the only castle ever located in New Zealand, as we walked up the rocky path way, the trees created a walkway until we reached the castle. The castle was amazing and every little bit of the castle was detailed to perfection. Also next to the castle was a huge beatiful garden that was well kept and looked amazing!! At Larnach Castle we went inside and we gave our tickets to the lady and we were free to go in. Myself (Jorja) and my sister (Madaline) got a treasure hunt activity to look for different things and objects around Larnach Castle. After we finished our tour around the castle we went and had lunch at Larnach Castle, lunch was nice. After visiting Larnach castle we went and visited the steepest street in the world, Baldwin street. It was awesome to see. 

Day 3: On Wednesday the 13th of July we got up early in the morning and made our way down to the Dunedin chocolate factory we were booked in for a guide tour round the Dunedin Chocolate Cadbury Factory, along the way we had to walk up 150 steps and we had some awesome views on the top peak of the cadbury building, we had some amazing views on top of the building!! At the start of the tour we put all our belonging's in the locker's and our tour guide was the only one with the key (They were kept nice and safe), along the tour we visited different parts if the building and different rooms, in one of the rooms it showed you how the chocolate was processed and packaged, we even got a demonstration of how they got the chocolate to the pacific temperature to be made, in that room we even got to try all the flavors and sprinkles that the Cadbury factory made. We received a plastic-bag from our tour guide and she filled it up to the brim with chocolate by the time we were finished, in the cadbury factory where the chocolate was made there was a machine that dropped up to 3000 liters of chocolate the magic words the kids had to say to make that drop was, I WANT CHOCOLATE!! The chocolate squirted everywhere it was AWESOME!! After that we were finished the tour guide. After the Cadbury Chocolate factory we went to the worlds 2nd most photographed building, The ...... Dunedin Train Station. It was amazing inside of the building was an art gallery where artist from all around Dunedin even a amazing artist that has lost her feeling in her hand and her fingers were all crippled and curved over yet she still managed to paint the most beautiful painting I've ever seen. After visiting the the train station we went to the cafe and got a fresh mixed-berry ice cream that was delicious, then we traveled back to our Hotel.

Day 4: On Thursday the 14th of July we traveled to Christchurch a four hour drive, we were going to see my brother (Harley) who moved away as he got appointed a new job!! We had not had breakfast yet so we ducked into MC Donald's for a breakfast meal, we were in and out of there in 30 minutes so we traveled on our trip 3:30 hours to go!! We passed through over twenty townships before we even reached Christchurch. Once we arrived in Christchurch we traveled round to my brother (Harleys) house to visit him. We had to use a GPS to find his house as he was out of town. We got to Harleys house and once we got there we had a toilet stop and we were off again we were travelling up the Christchurch gondolas, (They go up so high) we arrived at the gondolas and we paid at the desk (Kids were free,YAY!!) So it was a cheap day. Before we hopped into the gondola we got some family photos, then we hopped in!! We were off up the hill we were on a big slope with the cart shaking with the wind as we were getting closer to the top the wind was howling and we were up above the ground over 500 meters (Thats high) We reached the top safely. There was a cafe up the top and we were hungry as it was lunch time we had a quick stop and re-hydrated our self's and we went back down. The wind wasn't as strong so the cart didn't sway that much. Even though I am afraid of heights. It was awesome and well worth visiting. Later that day we stayed at home and at tea time we went out with Harley to Lone-Star. The food their is delicious. 

Day 5: On Friday the 15th of July in the morning we went for a walk to see the RED-ZONE where the earthquakes happened and all the buildings were damaged and destroyed we saw..... The Christchurch church, over half of this building was destroyed. Also after we went and saw the chairs of remembrance, these chairs are placed opposite the CTV building in Christchurch that killed over 185 people in the very fatal earthquake. There were many different chairs and prams there because the youngest person that died from the CTV building calapse was only three months old. After visiting all the earthquake damage we went and played at the new Margret Mahy playground opened in Christchurch, it was awesome!! Not only was it just a playground it was a water park as well there were over twenty different activities to do with water and placed in the middle of the water was a huge water fountain. It looked amazing!!

Day 6: On Saturday the 16th of July we woke a bright and early in the morning at 7:00am and we made sure we packed our bags and made sure we had collected everything up and cleaned the hotel. We left the hotel for the last time at 7:30 and we traveled out to Christchurch's International Airport to catch our plane back to New Plymouth but first we had to drop our rental car back at the place we got it off. After that we had twenty five minutes to spare so we got a quick bite to eat and by the time we were finished we were ready to board the plane. The man swiped our ticked and we were free to go in. I sat next to my dad (Leslie) he sat next to the window!! We got some awesome views on the way down we even went over the Tasman sea. As we got closer to New Plymouth we could even see a little town located at the bottom of the North island called Hawera. As we landed on the runway, it was great to be home. Once we got back into the Airport we payed for our parking as we left our car at the airport as we were on holiday, we grabbed our bags off the cart and we were off. I had an amazing holiday and enjoyed every bit of it. Can't wait till next years holiday!! Comment below if you have been to the South island or have been on an awesome holiday.

At Magret Mahys playground in Christchurch

Standing next to happy feet!!

Seeing the little blue penguins at the Antartic centre in Christchurch

The amazing veiws from the airplane flight from Auckland to Dunedin

The morning sunset at the Christchurch hotel we stayed in

Baldwin street, the steepest street in the world located in Dunedin